Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics with Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test

For gut health

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Support healthy digestion, immunity, & more with a probiotic formula made for you.

This plan includes:

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    Gut Intelligence Test Kit

  • Over 20 scores related to your gut microbiome health

  • 30-day supply of your customized probiotic + prebiotic formula delivered monthly

  • Your personalized list of recommended foods to eat (and avoid), chosen from over 400 foods to support your gut health

  • Discounts on additional Viome tests

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How to Test & Customize Your Formula


Order your at-home test and collect your sample(s).

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The information from your sample is decoded with the help of our Lab, Translational Science, and AI teams.

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Your results and recommendations are downloaded into your app!

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Your Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics are delivered monthly to your door!

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The Importance of Gut Health

The trillions of bacteria that exist in your gut including fungi, archaea, and even viruses – are essential for whole-body health. Considered a symbiotic relationship (with mutual benefits for all), our gut microbes break down hard to digest foods, neutralize toxins, and even convert compounds in our gut into beneficial nutrients for our body. They also direct and accept signals inside us that interact with our immune system and our brain. Without our microscopic friends, our abilities to digest and indeed thrive would be substantially limited.

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Beneficial Bacteria & Prebiotics To Improve Your Gut Health

Bacteria helps you digest food, absorb nutrients, and boost immunity to viruses.

Sometimes armful or “opportunistic” bacteria can get out of control. This can cause digestive issues and other symptoms that make you feel sick. Age, a poor diet, stress, and other overall health & environmental factors may also play a role in creating an imbalance in your gut.

The right probiotics (the beneficial bacteria) can help bring your gut back into balance. Prebiotics feed these beneficial bacteria and help promote their growth.

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GI Plan - Beneficial Bacteria & Prebiotics To Improve Your Gut Health

Get The Right Formula For Your Gut Microbiome With Viome

Between 10% and 30% of Americans struggle with gas, bloating, and other digestive issues –
that’s 97 million people!

While many of us may be dealing with similar symptoms, the approach to proper support should consider your unique biology.

New studies suggest that a probiotic that is beneficial to one person might adapt and become harmful in another. Testing your gut microbiome with our Gut Intelligence Test is the best way to find out what prebiotics, probiotics, and foods you need for optimal gut health.

GI Plan - Get The Right Formula For Your Gut Microbiome With Viome



Your gut health

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Finding it hard to lose weight despite eating “healthy” foods?

Our Gut Intelligence Test reveals more than 20 scores including Inflammatory Activity, Digestive Efficiency, Metabolic Fitness, Gut Lining Health, Gas Production, and Active Microbial Diversity and more to assess your gut microbiome health.

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Gut Microbiome Health

Metabolic Fitness

Active microbial organisms and functions that are associated with your blood sugar, insulin resistance, or weight control.

Digestive Efficiency

A comprehensive microbial reflection of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract functions. The score consists of multiple activity patterns related to digestion and specific macronutrient breakdown ability.

Inflammatory Activity

A measurement of the activities of your microbes that can contribute to or reflect inflammation in your gut environment that can be caused by harmful things your microbes produce when you are either inefficiently digesting your proteins, have excessive microbial gas production, or simply have a gut environment that your microbes perceive as threatening.

Active Microbial Diversity

Your percentile for the total count of active microbial species detected and sequenced from your sample. A good score translates to more richness, which in turn can provide more resilience to your microbial gut ecosystem and your body.

Gas Production

An assessment of your overall gas production activity by the microbes in your gut. Overall high microbial gas production has been associated with digestive difficulties, discomfort, and gut inflammation.

Gut Lining Health

This score focuses on your gut lining (or intestinal barrier) and the health of the mucosal layer that protects it. When your gut lining is compromised, things from the outside environment, like toxins, medications, and harmful bacteria, can make their way into your bloodstream from your gut and negatively affect your immune system and overall wellbeing.

Protein Fermentation

This score reflects whether or not you are digesting your proteins properly. If the protein is not fully broken down through this process, your microbes will digest the excess protein available and may convert it into harmful byproducts.



For gut health

Now it's time to eat right and supplement with what you need for your gut microbiome.

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Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics™

A formula chosen with intention. Dosages with precision. Ingredients you can trust. A 30-day supply of your customized prebiotics and probiotics. Delivered monthly.

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Your Probiotic Formula

Probiotics are a combination of live beneficial bacteria and yeasts that live in your body naturally and help it maintain a healthy balance.

Probiotics can:

  • Help control inflammation

  • Support immune function

  • Keep opportunistic bacteria at bay

  • Help support the cells that line your gut to prevent opportunistic bacteria from entering your blood

When it comes to probiotics, more isn't necessarily better. We choose from over 60 strains and only what's right for you.

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Your Prebiotic Formula

Prebiotics are non-digestible food components that help stimulate the growth of your beneficial gut bacteria. If probiotics have a hard time colonizing your gut, prebiotics help fertilize them in the same way you’d fertilize your garden.

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How do you know when to update my probiotics and prebiotics formula?

As part of our commitment to true PRECISON, the more we learn about you and as our knowledge base expands (right along with science), we’ll make changes to your formula. This is true personalization.

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A GPS for gut health

Your body is in a constant state of change, and so are your health needs. Stress (physical and emotional), lifestyle, travel, aging, medication, and numerous other factors in your internal and external environment can cause your response to certain foods and probiotics to change. We’ll update your custom probiotics and prebiotics formula as needed and when you retest.

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Benefits of Precision Supplements & Probiotics + Prebiotics

  • Helps your body fight off bad bacteria and viruses

  • Helps your body fight against the effects of free radicals

  • Improves your body's ability to cope with stress

  • Reduces bloating, gas, and constipation

  • Helps maintain an optimal weight

  • Gives you more overall energy

  • Helps you get better sleep

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Join over 200,000 customers using Viome.

Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics with Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test

50% off your first month
when you use DECODED at checkout.


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More Information

How many probiotic strains will I get?

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When it comes to probiotics, more isn’t necessarily better. Your Viome recommendations will give you just the strains of probiotics that you need for the most benefit to your gut microbiome.

How do I know what specific strains of probiotics I need?

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Viome uses the results from processing your personal test samples, in combination with our robust AI platform to formulate the strains of probiotics that will be most beneficial for your microbiome. Read more about our testing processes used in our Health Intelligence and Gut Intelligence tests here.

Do Viome probiotics stay alive long enough to get down into my digestive system?

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When taken properly, the bacteria strains remain alive to reach your gut microbiome. Our Precision Supplements are formulated with probiotic strains that show high survivability in the gastric environment and colonization in the intestines after consumption.

Will my Precision Probiotic + Prebiotic formula change every month?

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At Viome, we focus on precision and we’re committed to adapting right along with advances in science and technology—along with the changes you experience on your own health journey. 

The AI system we use to identify the specific prebiotics probiotic strains you need to help you optimize your health is always learning and growing more powerful every day. In an effort to keep your formula up-to-date, the team may further refine your personalized probiotic and prebiotic recommendations as new data is uncovered.

When you retest with Gut Intelligence, your customized probiotic formula will be updated as needed according to your test results. Even if you have not recently retested, you may see slight adjustments in your food or supplement recommendations, including the addition of new ingredients. When you see an adjustment like this, the label on your next box of Precision Probiotics and Prebiotics will reflect these changes.